Event welcome template

Reach out to people who sign up for your event in a personal way that engages them ahead of time and helps you optimize what you have planned.

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Whether you need a welcome video to an event or a registration follow-up video, use this template to get face to face with attendees at scale and let them know what’s up next.


Say hi

Start off by thanking your attendees for registering and then tell them a little about what to expect.


Take questions

If your attendees have any questions, they can ask via video, audio, or text. Their responses will appear in your videoask inbox where you can view them and reply back.


Give info

Redirect attendees to your event schedule webpage, or anywhere else they can get more info about what’s to come.


Why should I make a welcome video for my event?

A welcome video to an event lets you engage attendees ahead of time and get them excited about what’s to come. Plus, you can use this interactive event welcome template to gauge what attendees’ are looking forward to the most.

Can I sync up my videoask and my event management platform?

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Connect VideoAsk to over 1,500 applications through Zapier, or use our API and webhooks.

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