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Use pre-recorded video to screen and interview applicants.

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1. Save time

Say goodbye to the endless back and forth with coordinating schedules. Applicants can respond to your videoasks on their own time.

All they need is a smartphone or a computer, and they're good to go! With pre-recorded video screening, you save time.

2. Save energy

Record your questions, and voila, you have a standardized assessment process!

Phone interviews are subject to error, since sticking to the script and asking the exact same questions to each and every candidate can be tougher than it seems. This opens the door for bias and what was supposed to be a fair and equitable process is now flawed.

3. Save money

Hiring costs can add up quickly, which is why pre-recorded interviews make more fiscal sense.

Recruiters can screen more candidates, cast a wider net with shareable links, and identify the best talent faster because the first round of calls isn’t warranted. When considered from start to finish, a notoriously difficult and pricey time to hire process becomes a breeze.

4. Save the process

Applicants can submit their answers with the tap of a button—they don't need the app to record their answers.

They can check the recording and re-record if needed before submitting.

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